Official Cosmon Documentation, last updated October 12th, 2022


Cosmon is a new generation and first of its kind NFT play-to-earn game based on the Cosmos ecosystem.

To provide a fundamental value to in-game characters and items, all the proceeds of the NFT sales will be pooled in a decentralized treasury to get an exposure to the most promising Cosmos-based tokens. These assets will be used to secure the associated networks, generating recurring $XKI returns distributed to players, as a daily fuel to boost their Cosmon performance.

💡 This unique approach is at the origin of the key tokenomics dimension of Cosmon:

  • To bring a fondamental value to the Cosmons NFTs,

  • To provide recurring $XKI returns to their holders to be used ingame,

  • To fuel the prize pools of the different leagues. </aside>

Within the game, players will need to use a deck of Cosmon cards to battle other players in different online competitive leagues. The cards have different attributes (like attacking or defensive powers), and players who well combine the utility of these cards have a bigger chance of winning.

By playing Cosmon, you will:

  • Have ownership over your ingame characters and items,

  • Collect cards of different rarity levels, build a deck of Cosmons, fight against other players in different leagues,

  • Earn $XKI return from just holding your cards, and by pretending to the prize pools dedicated to the best-performing players in each leagues,

  • Sell your cards and items on the secondary market reflecting their market value.


In the XXVI century, the humanity has lost one of the most important traits that had been locked in its DNA: our faith in the human being. Humans deviated from the animal chain to the ultimate species that now rules the world. But humans are greedy, and eager to always have more than necessary.

Our civilization has known countless and endless wars. It has led humans to kill each other, and to do so, to invent and create the most destructive tools. The pollution that it created was the lethal poison that was gnawing on the environment.

The climate changed. The level of the ocean had drastically increased, provoking the disparition of many cities (New-York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Venice, etc.). People have been dying because of the greediness of their ancestors.

Meanwhile, the scientific world has been looking frantically to find a solution. To alleviate the catastrophic state that the Earth was on, Humans went from a near extinction to a multi-planetary species: a first self-sufficient colony in the moon has been created - before to extend it on Mars. Since then, the humanity has been colonizing close satellites or planets that could bear life. But people kept in mind that they were in this state because of their leaders, always considering the quick achievements during their term of leadership.

One day, the NASA received a communication from the colony on Mars! An unidentified threat was approaching! It has been centuries that we have been searching for an extraterrestrial life! But this appears to be a threatening invasion..! There is no competent leader left to unite the multiplanetary human civilization against this imminent threat coming from space.

A squad of scientists gathered from the front lines and intended to work on a solution, lead by Prof. Wosmongton - a leading scientist whose discoveries profited the human race immensely, and who knows there is very little, if any, time left...

Along with a loyal team of followers dubbed “Cosmon”, this group of mad scientists collected the DNA of all the most prominent conquerors and leaders of human history and worked relentlessly to clone them. We ended up with thousands of clones and an urgent need to select the best ones, to find the leaders that could face this alien threat! Welcome to Cosmon!

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