Training Mode

The Training Mode Arena is there for players to train their Cosmon or decks or even test strategies.

You do not need to pay any fee to enter the Arena or fight (given the on-chain nature of Cosmon’s gameplay, please note that this step requires $XKI for transaction fees)

The Matchmaking works in the same way as the Leagues, you will fight against players that are around the same power.

The Training Mode is a great way to test your strategies and decks.

Here is how Experience Points work:

  • Win a fight: Depending on the "power" of your opponent you will win between 5 and 15 XP (if your opponent is weak you will most likely win 5 XP but if your opponent have a greater power than you, you can earn up to 15 XP)

  • Lose a fight: You earn 1 XP

  • Draw: You earn half of what you were supposed to earn if you had won the fight

NB: Training mode is capped at Level 10

Now that you know how it works, it’s time to head over to the Arena and start your first fight! ⚔️

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