Cosmon Leaders

A leader is a clone of one of the most prominent conquerors of human history.

Each Cosmon is represented by several cards of different rarity levels (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, divinity), which affect their associated $XKI return and initial combat characteristics.

The character’s cards have the following properties:

  • Name: Name of the leader

  • Core characteristics: Experience points (XP), Health points (HP), Action points (AP)

  • Fighting abilities: Secondary characteritics that define their strengths and weaknesses

    • Attack (ATQ), Defense (DEF), Intelligence (INT), Speed (SPE), Chance (LUK)

  • Type: Personnality of the Cosmon which affect their characteristics evolution

    • Agressive, Financial, Expansive, Creative, Tactical, Erudite, Spiritual, Dynamic

  • Level: by playing the game and winning battles, the Cosmons will gain experience (XP) to progressively evolve and increase their characteritics, following a predetermined development relying on their personnality. At certain level’s thresholds, it will cause a Cosmon evolution, each leader having three different visual upgrades.

  • Affinities: Cosmons will share affinities based on the geographical areas or time periods in which the associated leaders lived. It will also involve their personnality, each Cosmon’s type having its own preferences.

  • Boosts: Cosmons may benefit from special powers, boosting some of them characteristics (A boost is a potion that you can consume to get special powers for a defined number of fights)

The list of characters will evolve with time through different Cosmon seasons, progressively adding new Cosmons to the gameplay. Once the batches of a given season are sold out, the associated Cosmons will only be available on the secondary market.

At genesis, the Cosmon characteristics will be the same for each leader from a given rarity level. The rarer your Cosmon is, the higher its initial characteristics will be.

But whatever their rarity level is, their evolution curve will be the same, only depending on their type of personality (defining future strengths and weaknesses). At their higher level, Cosmons may gain between 10 to 20 points on their different characteristics.

These rules will ensure a fair gameplay for every rarity levels and associated leaders.

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