Cosmon Mobile

Cosmon Mobile is the mobile version of the gameplay, available on the Cosmostation Wallet on the dApp section on Ki Chain. Cosmonauts can now engage in fights, mint new leaders and claim their own rewards directly from their mobiles! Let’s take a look at how that works: 👇

For this tutorial, we’re going o need a Cosmostation mobile wallet. It is available on Android & IOS and could be downloaded directly from here:

Let’s get started by opening the App once downloaded:

  1. The first thing to do is to import your Cosmon address to the Cosmostation mobile wallet. You can simply do this by inserting your Mnemonic:

2. Once imported, you will be asked to select the networks & chains that you would like to import to your wallet. Scroll down until you find Ki Chain then select it and proceed to ‘Import Wallet’, as displayed in the photo below:

3. Now you’re all set! You have your Ki Cosmon wallet imported on Cosmostation. The next step would be to go to the DAPP section (at the bottom to the right), once there you will be able to see the Cosmon dApp, click on it:

4. You are now on website! The next step is to connect your wallet:

5. Once your wallet is connected, you can head over to Arena for fights, to Assets to claim rewards or to Buy Cosmon to mint fresh leaders. Just like on the website!

We have also published a video to demonstrate how you can get started on your Cosmon Mobile experience, feel free to check it out! 👇

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