In this article, we’ll introduce the first Cosmon League and go over how it works: Championship rules, Tokenomics, and the distribution of prize pools. But first, a few words to our community:

Since we first created Cosmon back in January, this announcement has always been the moment we were building up to, the launch of the Championships. Now that it’s here, we’d like to thank every single member of our community for accompanying us on this journey! Thank you all for your support, contributions, and feedback! It has been extremely valuable.

Now let’s dive in:

Cosmon will kickstart the incentivised Leagues with an open weekly championship.

Every Monday at 18:00 CET, all deck holders can sign up to join the championship and engage in Cosmon battles against other contenders to share in the weekly Prize Pool.


To enter the Championship, all deck holders will be charged an entry fee of 10 $XKI (for an unlimited number of decks)

Once signed up, players can join the tournament by submitting a fight request with the deck of their choosing and selecting the League when choosing an Arena. Entering a championship happens at the wallet level. This means that once you’re in, you can use any of the decks in your possession to engage in tournament fights.

It’s important to note that every fight will have a flat fee of 0.1 $XKI (more on this later, in the Tokenomics section).

Every championship will last for a week, from Monday 6pm to Monday 6pm, and players can join at any time of their choosing; the end of every championship will herald the beginning of a new one.

In order to determine the winners, the championship will follow a ranking system for all contenders based on the outcome of their Cosmon battles:

  • If a player wins: +2 Points

  • If a player loses: -1 Point

  • If it’s a draw: 0 Points

The number of points a player accumulates will determine how he ranks against the other contenders in the championship. This means that:

  • Losing one or several fights doesn’t mean you’re out of the race.

  • Cosmon rewards the most engaged players.

All players will be able to see their progress and ranking in the championship on their personal leaderboard. This includes: victories, defeats, score, earnings and general ranking in the set (see above).


When we set out to create Cosmon, our main focus was to create a Play-To-Earn game that works! Which is why Cosmon’s economic model was as important to us as its Gameplay. Even though the real Play-To-Earn experience is only launching today, Cosmon has been accruing value for its holders since its public mint with a total of 560,000 $XKI distributed as rewards (≈ 51,000$).

To go back to the gameplay, we’ve thought very carefully about how the championships will work and the way we’re going to distribute the rewards in order to ensure the sustainability of the tournaments over time. This is why we’ve added a small entry fee to tournaments as well as a smaller fee for each Cosmon battle.

Half of the entry and battle fees will go to the treasury which has one singular purpose: To boost the rewards of future winners and ensure the sustainability of the Prize Pool.

What about the other half, you might ask? No, it doesn’t go to the team. The rest of the $XKI is burned!

As mentioned in previous articles: rewards distribution, engaging in battles and in-game purchases will all happen in $XKI and the burn mechanism will increase its scarcity along with the value accrual for both holders and players.

Prize Pool distribution:

Now to the most eagerly-awaited part of this article! Who gets to share in the prize pool and how much will they get?

For its first championship, Cosmon will open the Arena to players with a whopping 30,000 $XKI (≈3,000$) in prizes!

As mentioned earlier, winners will only be determined when the tournament ends; those at the top of the ranking list will emerge victorious! Here is a breakdown of prize distributions:

  • 1st Place: 20% of the prize pool

  • 2nd Place: 10% of the prize pool

  • 3rd Place: 5% of the prize pool

  • 4th-9th: 2.5% of the prize pool

  • 10-24th: 0.50% of the prize pool

  • 25th-49th: 0.30% of the prize pool

  • 50th-99th: 0.25% of the prize pool

  • 100th-149th: 0.20% of the prize pool

  • 150th-199th: 0.15% of the prize pool

  • 200th-249th: 0.10% of the prize pool

Wen Prizes?

Every Monday at 17:00 CET, at the conclusion of the championship, the prizes will be available for claiming by the winners.

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